Our Attorneys

John Carroll Boudreaux, Attorney and Counselor at Law

Attorney John Boudreaux began the firm in 1993. As an experienced litigator and counselor at law, John takes pride in successfully representing clients that result in justice, whether by amicable resolution or by fighting all the way.

Community Involvement

John has served his community, volunteering to serve and support several different nonprofit organizations. Having served as a legislative advocate for the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, John has traveled to Washington, DC, and Austin, Texas, interacting with state and federal legislators to support research and development for the cures and treatment of blood-borne cancers.

John has also taken it upon himself to advocate for schoolchildren to be able to enjoy recess every day at school as directed by state law. Having served as Vice President of the Cy-Fair chapter of the Lions Club, John Boudreaux achieved large fund-raising to assist the organization in helping our community and those less fortunate.

Representing Attorneys

He has also represented several attorneys and law firms over the last 25 years. John has acted as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor.

Victoria Boudreaux, Attorney at Law

Victoria Boudreaux is a skilled trial attorney and legal adviser. For more than 24 years, she has been a state-licensed attorney serving families, individuals, and businesses. She was formerly associated with the Harris County District Attorney's Office, a position that allowed her to hone her skills for better representation of those accused of crimes.

Community Involvement

She has proudly served her community as the president of the Parent-Teacher Association at Oak Forest Elementary School. She is currently the president of the PTA of Kingwood Middle School. Victoria has also been involved in fund-raising and advocacy for students’ rights, having forced HISD to follow state law mandating recess for elementary school students.

Victoria was the chairperson who, through her fund-raising and ability to organize and recruit contributors and volunteers, spearheaded the successful creation and development of the state-recognized arboretum located at Oak Forest Elementary School in Houston.

Ready for the Fight!

We are dedicated to giving you the advantage in the legal arena. Every part of our law office, from our business model to our team of attorneys, has been designed with one goal — getting results! This starts with selecting only the best attorneys in the state and continues with our many years of combined experience, impeccable state bar records, and a proven track record of successful defense.

We take pride in our ability to achieve results that others thought to be impossible. Our success comes from a combination of creative defense strategies, case analysis, investigation, extensive case preparation, aggressiveness, and a willingness to fight for the rights of our clients through trial and beyond.
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